What the heck is WTC you ask?  Well if you want the long answer, look at their web page: http://angeleschapter.org/wtc/ .

 In a nutshell, , WTC is a 10 week classroom course with four outings.  The class teaches the basics of Backpacking, Navigation, Mountaineering, Desert Travel, Rock Techniques, Wilderness Medicine, Backcountry Hazards, Mountain Safety, Nutrition/Meals, Clothing and Equipment. 

I took the course a couple of years ago, so it is Pina's turn!

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The Joshua Tree trip. Here are some pictures of Pina learning some rock climbing techniques

Out of the chimney
Practicing going up the chimney Getting out of the chimney Doing the chimney for real
Up and out
Top of the Mountain

Snow Travel day: Pina learns to love her snow shoes!

Getting ready to learn snow shoes Snow bunny
Snow shoeing Learning how to glissade and having way too much fun!

Snow Camp:  This is where it all comes together and Pina learns how to keep warm while sleeping on the snow!

I don't want to get up!
Bishop Creek
The whole smelly crew waiting for the bus Tired and waiting for the bus
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South Lake area Hiking in the snow South Lake area